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Where To Shop For Great Organic Food

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Shopping for good and healthy food seems like a luxury nowadays. Most of the time, you have to drive far away just to arrive at a decent organic food store. Because of lack of time and the need for convenience, many of us still resort to the nearest grocery shops to get food and other needs. The problem however with most grocery shops is that, they just don’t have a lot of variety when it comes to healthy and organic food. There are only a few stocks to choose from, and organic products are mostly priced higher than usual. Aside from that, there’s also no guarantee if their stocks are actually fresh or just frozen. So who can you trust when it comes to organic food, and where should you look for it? Where can you get your monthly supply of organic eggs, Braggs apple cider, whole wheats, fresh fruits and veggies? Below are three places you can look into.

  • The Farmer’s MarketIf you are looking for real organic food, look no further than your local farmer’s market! You can trust these guys to grow food the organic and non-commercial way. Most of the sellers here are background growers and only use natural fertilizers and pesticides to grow their plants. However, prices from vendor to vendor would vary, so you might need to be wary and make price comparisons first.
    • Online StoresOf course, you can order organic food online and have the goods delivered straight to your doorstep. Just make sure to order from legit online stores and sellers only. Beware of scams and fake products, avoid buying from dubious sources and unsecured websites.
      • WalmartBelieve it or not, but Walmart also stocks a good variety of organic products in their large chain of stores. They display a numerous line of products from Wild Oats (a brand that was bought by Whole Foods). If you think that organic products are quite expensive, Walmart offers them at a reasonable price. In fact, they are priced at 25% lower on average, among conventional sellers.There are however different other stores that are better alternatives than Walmart. The problem is, their number of stores or branches are not as numerous and far-reaching as Walmart – which currently has over 3,800 stores in the US. Trader’s Joe for example offer organic produce at a bargain, but they currently have 400 stores only in the US right now. Aldi’s is also a low-cost organic grocery store, but only have around 1,400 locations to date. If you can find either of these near you, then consider yourself lucky and check them out right away!