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Top Tips For Decluttering Your Home

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Have you got a hoarding tendency? Have you suddenly found that your shelves are cluttered, your desk is covered in envelopes, letters and flyers? Have the newspapers been piling up for years? It may be time to declutter your home! Getting rid of all unnecessary clutter will make you feel calm and collected, it will also make your home cozy and ore inviting and will transform it into a peaceful space that you and your family will find welcoming!

Start Small

Don’t try to declutter your whole house at once. You will soon feel overwhelmed and this could lead to your giving up half way. Select one room or even one shelf or cupboard to declutter each day. Getting a small space cleared out will give you a sense of accomplishment and will also allow you to see what a difference a small amount of decluttering can do to a space.

Sort in Piles

As you begin your process of decluttering, start creating piles. Say for instance you’re cleaning out the pantry cupboards. Stack all expired items separately, food items you should use up soon should form a separate pile and anything you might be able to gift or donate should form another pile. This will make putting away items easier and will help you sort out what items you actually need.

Get Rid of Clutter Responsibly

Similarly with items you decide to get rid of keep separate stacks of what might be recycle-able! You can then take old tins and soda cans to the can recyclers.

You should also ask your local can recyclers if they will take expired cans of food and drinks that you might have. If you have clothing items that are in good condition don’t just throw them away, consider donating them to a shelter where someone else might be able to make use of them. Old books and magazines could be donated to a school or library.

Organise What You Decide to Keep

Decluttering isn’t just about getting rid of unnecessary items, it’s about keeping your home clutter free. Allocate a space for everything. Label kitchen drawers as being for spices, cutlery and kitchen towels. Label jars with the correct spice, and allocate cupboards and shelves for specific items. File all important papers and label the files so you know what goes where. Keep a box for mail you need to go through and consider putting up a magnet board or cork board on which to stick up important memos.
Create a system of organising you’re home and stick with it. Regularly clear out small spaces to keep your home clutter free!


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December 2, 2015