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How To Remove A Tree From Your Garden?

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A tree in the garden is nice to have because it gives shade to the house during summer and also if it can bear fruits that’s even more advantage. It not so nice to have a tree if the tree is dying and decaying. You will not know where and when will the branches fall or even the whole tree. This is what you should do when you’re trying to remove your tree.

Find out who is going to do the removing. Removing a tree can be dangerous and may require patient and experienced hands on work. The best option is to hire a tree removal company.

Either that, if you are able to cut down the tree you may hire them to for stumps grinding to get rid of the stump of the tree because it require special equipment to grind it out.

If you are going to cut the tree down yourself you will need to first make sure the area is clear so that nobody is going walk near the tree while is going to fall or when you are removing the branches. You need check a few things before trying to cut the tree down. Check in which direction the tree is naturally bent towards. This is probably the best option for the tree to fall unless the tree is leaning towards a house. Check the trunk of the tree to see if there is decay in some places because if there is decay the tree might collapse at that point at any moment while cutting it down.

If I were you, I would try to cut down the branches of the tree first so that there will only remain the trunk of the tree to fell. Doing this will make your life easier because cutting down the branches is easier when the tree is upright than when it is on the floor as you will need to turn the tree and go in to a lot of hassle to cut the branches off.

Once the branches are off you can go for trunk. You will definitely need a chainsaw to cut down the tree unless the tree’s trunk diameter is less than 1 foot you may use a saw. When cutting the tree you will need to cut a V shape in to the trunk in the direction which you want the tree to fall. It is called the undercut. It should go inside the tree at least a quarter of the tree’s diameter. On the other side of the undercut you will need to cut straight a little over 2 inches above the undercut. This cut is called the back cut and it helps release the hold of the tree and makes it fall in the direction of the undercut.

That’s it and tree will begin to fall and you will be left with the stump to deal with it which you might as well hand over to a company.